Indomitable City

A Podcast About Sacramento, CA

The Show

Indomitable City is a podcast dedicated to the past, present and future of Sacramento California and the surrounding region. Our aim is to explore, investigate, question and discover what it means to live in the capital city of the Golden State.  

The Staff


Joshua Montmeny

Host & Executive Producer

Joshua is a self described introvert, audiophile, idiot-philosopher and factotum. In case you were wondering (you weren't), he relies heavily on coffee, pop-tarts and deep-seated existential rage to make it through each day. It is his ardent wish to create and maintain an interesting, thoughtful, beautifully produced and auditorily delightful podcast about Sacramento, CA. And he hopes you enjoy listening to it as much as he enjoys creating it. 

Also, he loathes pineapple.  


Joshua Montmeny

Senior Editor

Our editor often refers to himself in the 3rd person and is, if nothing else, overly-ambitious. He often takes on too many projects and responsibilities at once, leaving him with guilt-based anxiety in relation to the many tasks he has allotted himself. 

But editing is, you know, pretty cool. So that's good. 


Joshua Montmeny

Sound Engineer / Janitor

Our sound engineer often finds himself bearing the crushing weight of the senior staff’s incompetence. Constantly (and thanklessly) tasked with cleaning up their messes, he often curses his lot in life.

Background Photo by JD Weiher

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